Adios Colorado, Hola Utah

July 6, 2012

After 14 simply great days, Anna and I left the Rockies and the great state of Colorado and crossed into Utah. However, before we called it quits in Colorado, we enjoyed a great 4th of July and a picturesque final day in the Centennial State.

As Anna mentioned, we decided to kick it in Telluride for the 4th.

They certainly did it right. They kicked off the parade with four fighter jets that flew into the box canyon and out the other side. It was really impressive.

Then it was pretty typical firetrucks and floats. Until…

This brave couple got married during the parade!

The aftermath of the post-parade BBQ. Anna and I did work.

Telluride is a cute little ski town that absolutely blows up during the 4th and ski season. However, the rest of the year I guess it is on the quiet side. I guess we showed up at the right time.

We were at a local bar on the 3rd and a marching band that was playing in the parade the following day made themselves very much at home. It was a lot of fun

There is a free gondola service from Telluride, 1800 feet up to the top of Telluride Mountain, then back down the other side to “Mountain Village,” a cute but super touristy mall/townish thing. Mix Sound Of Music and the New Jersey Boardwalk and you have Mountain Village.

Anna and I stayed with Norm, a fella we met in Ridgway. Norm is an amazing man who showed us a really good time in Telluride. Very happy to have gotten to know him.

Norm also happens to have probably the only lemon tree in Telluride and probably Colorado. Anna was stoked.

Leaving Telluride was tough. The conversations and friendship we developed with Norm made it real hard to pedal up and out of the cute town… Thank you Norm for making our 4th something special. When we did finally find the rythm of riding again we were rewarded with a (for the most part) beautiful day of riding to Paradox, Colorado, our final stop in Colorado.

Looking out over Telluride one last time…

We ran into this fella at breakfast. He is from Korea and he flew to LA and is on his way to NYC. Go get em!

However Colorado didn’t exactly let us leave easily. We switch backed a good four miles towards the Utah border.

Boom! Anna making quick work of the climb

And finally descending into Paradox Valley. Our final night in Colorado.

We woke up outside of the Paradox Community Center (they graciously let us camp there and use their water) and headed for Utah…

Hola Utah!

We naievly thought that as soon as we left Colorado the climbing would stop. Instead Utah welcomed us with 3.5 miles of 9% grade switch backs. Living the dream…

Utah is state number 10. Maybe we can rack up as many states as license plates on this jeep?

Anna and I are in Moab now. Tomorrow we are going to spend the day in Arches National Park and then carry on across the state. We’ve already picked up extra water bottles, refilled on sunscreen, and bought enough trail mix to kill a horse. It is going to be fun…

I chatted with Kevin, the director at The Brady Faith Center. He told me a quick story about a woman who had not ridden a bike in twenty years. She showed up to Pedal To Possibilities with a friend and was crying out of fear of riding the 8 miles. But she took it slow and people stuck with her. When she arrived back to Brady after an accident free ride, she was crying with happiness. I miss you all dearly and sincerly hope that the 4th of July BBQ was a blast. Look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Much love, Andrew

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One Response to “Adios Colorado, Hola Utah”

  1. Al and Gail Walsh said

    Enjoyed reading your blog. Stay safe and carry lots of water. Utah desert is hot hot hot Gail and AL

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