Living The Dream

June 25, 2012

Andrew and I wished farewell to Nebraska and crossed into Colorado. State number nine. However before we headed into The Centennial State, Nebraska gifted us with a bit more fun.

Ogallala Beach: Probably one of the prettiest campsites that we’ve stayed at thus far

We woke up  at Ogallala beach to our invisible nemeses (the wind), fierce and rowdy, reminding us of everything that we had to look forward to that day. Getting out of the campsite was tough, and although the winds didn’t turn in our favor, the day definitely did when we met six (!) other tourists on our way to Sedgwick, Colorado. As we were pulling out of Brule, small town right before the Colorado state line, we spotted a bike tourist and enthusiastically stopped to visit.

The other six tourists… what are the chances!?

Andy is traveling with his friend, Patrick, from San Fransisco to NYC. They started walking , but then decided that bikes were more efficient. Good life choice. As the four of us were chatting, four other riders pulled up. Rachel, Jessica, Alyssa, and Sean  actually camped in Ogallala the same night as us but fate had its own agenda. The quartet started in Chicago and is biking to San Fransisco. We continued to ride westward with the quartet until Julesberg, had lunch, and parted ways briefly…
Andrew and I continued to Sedgwick. Sedgwick is a dusty little farm town that has a population of no more than 100 people out of which we probably only saw 15. There are two operating facilities: the Sedgwick Inn and the Sedgwick bar. The Sedgwick Inn was recommended to us by another tourist who was coming from Colorado. He told us that it’s really random, but really great and really cheap. He wasn’t kidding! It’s literally a furnished (in an old Victorian style may I add) oasis in the midst of a bunch of run down buildings. We had a fabulous stay.

Andrew and I hit 2000 miles right before we pulled into Colorado. Sweet!


Our companions for two days… too much fun. They’re on their way to Denver right now. Best of luck to you guys!!

How random. How wonderful!

The Sedgwick Inn was hosting a small wedding rehearsal dinner the night we had stayed so Andrew and I got in on some really good food and met some of the locals from near by towns. Ha, again, what are the odds?

Andrew and Anna meet small town Colorado.

After a delightful breakfast in the morning, we continued westward. On our way we spontaneously met up with the quartet that stayed the preceding night in Julesberg. Colorado isn’t big enough for us bike tourists!  It was really neat how that worked out. We biked together until Sterling and then said our goodbyes; they’re off to Denver while we made our way to Fort Collins.

Our last break together with the quartet before we parted paths for sure this time

Beautiful sight.

Where as  Iowa and Nebraska serenaded the two of us with winds, Colorado gifted us with heat. VERY HOT.

Can you feel the heat??? We did!

We arrived at another random little town (Andrew said that we easily made up 1/8 of the population) to duck from the hellish heat. Trust me, we weren’t smiling when we first pulled in there. However, it turned out to be a great night.

View from Stoneham, Colorado. Lucked out with another beautiful camp site.

The next morning we were off to Fort Collins, Colorado. En route we got our first glimpse of the Rockies: we were stoked!

After a long 60 miles of biking we finally found a place to stop for breakfast…

…and we made up for every mile!

The Rockies!

We made it to Fort Collins where we are staying with Andrew’s relatives. Awesome family that has graciously opened up their home to us. They have two wonderful little boys, Gregory and William, who have been a joy for us, and no doubt a joy and a blessing for their parents, Chairs and Allen. We had an awesome and relaxing evening and I even got to enjoy Star Wars for the first time. So glad to share such a profound experience with my two new little friends. Precious.

Tomorrow we are off to Boulder and beyond. Thanks for reading and take care all.

Much love, Anna

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5 Responses to “Living The Dream”

  1. Tim and Carol McCarthy said

    This has been great following your trip! Brady Faith Center sends its love!

  2. Donald Maldari said

    OK. I’m going to say what everybody else is thinking: you two joined a wedding rehearsal dinner in Sedgwick, Colorado of people whom you do not know?….

  3. Alan Kee said

    It was great to get to see you and spend just a little time with you both. Safe travels, and clean air are our prayers for you. The boys loved having you and just to let you know that you inspired Gregory to learn how to ride his bike today all by himself. First time on a two wheeler.

    • TomBassett said

      That’s so great that Gregory learned how to ride his two wheeler after they left! Good for him.

      I’m also amazed that you (Anna) just saw Star Wars for the first time haha.


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